Synchronized Sales & Marketing

Einsof Road to ResultsTechnology is a wonderful enabler. It's impossible to compete without it. Yet technology doesn't always meet your expectations.

If your in-place sales and marketing technology has been disappointing, Einsof can help. Our innovative approach and performance software platform deliver new levels of sales and marketing synchronization.

The results? Performance improvements that increase revenues, synchronize sales and marketing efforts and reduce administrative time.

Einsof delivers a sales performance system that fully integrates marketing and sales efforts, empowering companies to deliver synchronized messaging, interactions and engagements that build trusted, consistent brands. Einsof software platforms integrate seamlessly
with leading CRM systems to deliver closed-loop CRM solutions.

Specifically, Einsof delivers a synchronized, interactive sales and marketing system that powers:

Improved Sales Readiness
Closed Loop CRM
Highly Qualified Leads

Optimize Results With Einsof

To optimize online marketing investments and results, organizations must orchestrate sales and marketing efforts in the most synchronized manner possible.

Einsof is all about synchronized sales and marketing efficiency:

  • Marketing captures prospects, nurturing them with messaging tuned to match prospect interest until they reach a revenue conversion point in the buying cycle. Leads continue to be nurtured as sales directs, no prospect is ever abandoned.
  • When prospects reach this point, they are shared with sales. Each prospect lead includes a complete interaction history, pinpointing areas of prospect interest. And a recommendation on sales materials, value propositions and evidence tools that will make the sales interaction sing.
  • During the initial customer interaction - customers feel valued and understood as your sales resources speak directly to their specific needs and interests. A great customer relationship is born.
  • Sales collateral and value evidence is created and tuned based on prospect interactions - you know it works on the street based on the prospect's reactions
  • Collaboration between sales and marketing & real-time metrics provide feedback loops for defining and tuning winning sales approaches and marketing messages.

The results? Productivity is accelerated, sales focuses more of their efforts on selling - not meeting preparation, and your customers continue to buy, thanks to the best interactive experience available.