Closed Loop CRM

Today's CRM tools support management's need for forecasting and customer information. CRM is also an organizational tool; it tracks what salespeople do during the sales process.

What today's CRM software doesn't do is help your sales reps sell. And it doesn't give you the valuable intelligence you need to improve marketing and sales effectiveness based on the responses and actions of your prospects to your marketing and sales efforts.

Einsof's synchronized sales and marketing software was created to solve this problem - enhancing in-place CRM systems to deliver a closed loop CRM solution. The combination of an interactive sales portal with on-demand tools that streamline the sales process eliminates double duty for sales reps, reinforces effective sales practices and helps them close more sales, faster. An automated marketing system captures and profiles prospect information to provide critical intelligence on buying patterns, effective messaging strategies and more. This information feeds online marketing programs to drive highly personalized communications with customers and prospects. Integrated reports delivered via web services means management gets the reports and insights they need, too.

The Einsof Interactive Sales Portal delivers value standalone CRM systems can't. Consider what might be possible if your sales reps could easily prepare for meetings by utilizing proven sales readiness tools. A sales resource simply requests the prospect's profile - and information regarding the prospect's specific areas of interest, relevant sales tools, and evidence materials are delivered to their desktop. Initial customer conversations are more effective and sales administration time is reduced. Sales is also provided with easy access to all supporting sales tools - from relevant industry information, to competitive analysis, to examples of "like" prospects, and the value propositions/sales cycle that drove a successful buying decision in similar selling situations.

The Einsof Marketing System is synchronized with the Sales Portal to deliver a closed loop CRM. The Marketing System includes solutions for website and portal delivery, complemented by online demand generation, content management, prospect lifecycle management and data collection and analysis tools. Real-time measurements of campaign effectiveness and returns on marketing investment provide constant feedback for tuning of programs and strategies

Lead management tools track a prospect's interaction history and push them to sales when the time is ripe for a sales conversation. If it happens that the lead is interested, but not ready to buy now, the sales rep can hand the lead back over to the nurturing process, adding any information they've learned and assigning the lead to the specific nurturing campaign that's right for them. This closed loop process increases visibility for both marketing and sales and increases lead management efficiency.

Leveraging Einsof, sales and marketing work together to drive synchronized, highly optimized customer-facing efforts. Customers and prospects enjoy highly personalized interactions, improving their experience with your company and your sales resources. The volume of qualified prospects in the sales cycle increases, sales efficiency improves, time-to-sales is reduced and revenues grow. And customers - well, customers feel like you really understand and care about their needs - so they just keep buying.