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Einsof literally means "endlessness." We believe that it represents the endless opportunities offered by online sales and marketing. We chose the name to express our passion to continuously invent innovative solutions that transform the work of sales and marketing, leveraging the dynamic and ever-changing world of the Internet.

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Einsof is a sales & marketing performance software company. We help companies achieve their strategic objectives by streamlining how information is accessed and used in sales and marketing processes. We believe that by effectively collecting and understanding actionable customer and market knowledge - our clients can define, and continuously refine, consistent, successful processes that drive customer acquisition and loyalty. We help our clients initiate and manage customer interactions and experiences that result in stronger customer loyalty and greater revenue growth. And, we fuel a level of collaboration between sales and marketing that few companies have enjoyed.

Einsof's interactive software is specifically designed to be managed by business users - not technologists. Einsof software is being used successfully for Corporate Marketing Websites, Sales Portals, Partner and Customer Extranets, automated demand generation, and more. Einsof answers the on-demand imperative that requires customers, prospects, sales and channel partners to have 24/7 access to relevant information and tools - thanks to our integrated and synchronized content management system.

Founded in 2000, Einsof was created out of the desire to build a sales and marketing performance system that is flexible, easy to use, and scalable to accommodate future growth.

Einsof sales and marketing tools can be used separately or with other Einsof software. Einsof software is built using an SOA infrastructure and easily integrates with legacy systems or CRM applications through our open APIs.

Einsof leases our enterprise-level platform on a subscription basis. Our Professional Services group works with customers to make sure each and every customer deployment comes off smoothly. Most projects enjoy an initial deployment in less than 60 days.

Einsof is committed to the successful implementation and ongoing service for each of its customers - as evidenced by the "Wow, you did what you promised!" comments we receive from our customers.