Increase Marketing Effectiveness

The Einsof CRM for Marketing System is a comprehensive platform that collaboratively connects you with your prospects, customers and partners to build effective personalized relationships. Finally companies are empowered to implement a closed loop with their Sales CRM solution.

The CRM for Marketing System includes solutions for website and portal delivery, complemented by online demand generation, content management, prospect lifecycle management and data collection and analysis tools. Real-time measurements of campaign effectiveness and returns on marketing investment provide constant feedback for tuning of programs and strategies.

The system collects prospect information as they respond and react to online marketing campaigns and website content. Short-term sales opportunities are identified and passed to sales. Buying patterns and cycles are identified and prospects profiled based on their actions and interest. Automated online interactions, based on this prospect profile information, continue to nurture prospects through the buying cycle. Feedback loops from sales provide street-level insights to customers and how effectively messaging and collateral is driving the buying process.

Thanks to synchronization with the Einsof Interactive Sales Portal - initial prospect engagements are highly personalized and focused. By utilizing individual prospect intellgence, sales efforts are more effective and customer relationships are stronger.

Einsof CRM for Marketing System

Value Gain

Marketing Website

The marketing website is the foundation of the Einsof Marketing System. Business-line users have control to manage messaging and content in real time. Integrated Lead Management Tools provide marketing with insights that help them build valuable relationships by delivering experiences that engage your prospects.

Some of the features of the Marketing Website are:

  • Content Management
  • Website Management
  • Webinar (event) Registration and Management
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Surveys
  • Authorized access controls
  • Personalized Targeted Email Campaigns
  • Marketing Landing Pages

Publish Marketing Materials

Publish and make available marketing materials for the sales process. Invite and register prospects to attend your company's webinars or schedule appointments to meet with you at trade shows. Use the Einsof Sales Portal to work with the sales force and the marketing website to create external customer and prospect engagement. Associate these materials with segments, products, and sales stages.

Use Automated Email Campaigns to create interest and drive traffic. Then utilize the Lead Management tools to tie it all together. Manage it all in real time with non-technical business users. 

Automate Email Campaigns

Build themed campaigns and automate the send schedule and the selection of leads to be included in each mailing. Have one or more emails associated with a campaign. Know how many times an email is opened, and when. Capture user information whenever a lead clicks through on a link to your website and build a history of what resources are accessed and the order they are viewed.

Allow sales to reassign leads to a marketing email campaign if they are not ready to buy. Never lose track of a lead again. The automatic campaign feature allows new leads to begin at the start of a campaign so they won't be confused by coming into the program at a later stage.

Running continuous campaigns allows marketing to systematize campaign processes and never lose mindshare while they back up leads waiting for the next mailing. Additionally, the leads' activities are captured and added to their historical interaction with the company. 

Campaign Landing Pages

Create blind landing pages with customized URLs for marketing campaigns that showcase your call to action and messaging for that campaign. Track the viewing history of each lead who access`

Building specific funnels to channel leads through the knowledge they need to acquire during the buying process can streamline sales cycles by keeping them on track and by providing that knowledge to sales to drive further sales activities.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Marketing provides messaging and collateral to sales. With Einsof collaboration tools, sales can provide effectiveness feedback, rate content for its usefulness in their sales activities and suggest resources they'd love to have. Marketing can see usage metrics for their collateral and what materials sales reps are using for meeting preparation with which leads. This insight will help marketing fine-tune the messaging and deliver to sales, what they need to close more deals. The ability to track usage to closed deals gives marketing factual statistics to show the value of their contribution to the sales process. When sales reps submit success stories, marketing can follow up with case studies that can be used in the sales process. 

Integrate with CRM

From a marketing perspective, the ability to follow a lead from the marketing process where you've built their interaction history is critical to the creation of statistical information that verifies marketing's role in creating cash flow.

The ability to see the related sales activities enables marketing to track what resources are utilized in actively closing sales. Noting how many sales are closed while using each resource will help you keep marketing materials effective and weed out the messaging that isn't working. Sales will also recognize the help marketing is providing and respect the contribution that's helping them make more money for both the company and themselves.

Product Launch Microsites

When you launch a new product, don't dilute impact by only adding a page to your corporate marketing website. Create a microsite focused on your new product offering and then send people to your marketing website for further information about your company.

Time and attention spans are limited. Ensure your prospects are focused on what's important.