Highly Qualified Leads

Building a relationship with your prospects and customers is imperative in a complex B2B sale. This means that the more you can learn about them, the better able you are to personalize each and every interaction to meet their specific needs.

The ability to utilize a marketing website as a qualification driver is one of the keys to a successful information-intensive sale. Enabling marketing to capture and identify a lead's interests and preferences, and to track their interactions with your company's resources increases the effectiveness of each and every marketing investment. It also provides a new level of understanding of the prospect's buying cycle.

Likewise, the ability of sales to have visibility via an Interactive Sales Portal into the qualification process of each unique prospect allows them to make initial sales contact at the optimal conversion point for receptivity to sales activities.

Einsof's automated Lead Management Tools, part of the Marketing System, invite the collaboration of marketing and sales in generating highly qualified leads. They also validate which sales tools or campaigns are providing the best results - ensuring that messaging, value propositions and corresponding evidence are effectively engaging your prospects and moving them through the buying cycle.

Lead Management Tools

Value Gain


Marketing and sales are empowered to work together in moving a lead through the sales funnel. Sales can devote attention to current time horizon opportunities because marketing keeps not-yet ready and longer-term leads warm and moving forward. 

Lead Profiling

Sales and marketing share actionable insights to leads by identifying industry segment information, product interest, decision making criteria, features and functions of interest, etc. Calls are productive, instead of cold, forwarding the buying process and shortening the sales cycle.

Persona Profiling

See and measure the interest a lead has in your products and services. For example, knowing which email blast links they clicked on, which marketing materials they've viewed and how often they visit your site can help gauge what stage in the buying process the user is in. Marketing will know which resources are geared to help move the lead forward. Sales will know when it's a good time to take over the conversation and close the deal.

Lead Analytics

Drill down reporting and ranking of leads based on response to email campaigns, website visits and webinar attendance helps marketing gauge campaign effectiveness. Understanding what leads are interested in allows marketing to tailor interactions and sales to initiate personalized conversations. Knowing lead's interests at the beginning of the sales cycle gives them insights to future market direction.