Improved Sales Readiness

Sales readiness no longer needs to be a time drain for your salespeople. By synchronizing the prospect generation and nurturing process with the CRM system, sales will no longer be working on unqualified leads. Their time will be focused on prospects that have a pressing need and show a preference for your products and services.

Synchronizing sales intelligence is much more than data integration. It's understanding the context of your prospects interactions and their buying patterns, then taking action to personalize customer experiences, demonstrating your expertise and product value specific to their needs. Such highly personalized customer interactions, applied at optimal inflection points in the buying cycle - result in accelerated time-to-sale, as well loyal customer relationships. 

Einsof sales readiness tools provide sales resources with an in-depth historical profile of each individual prospect. Using the Interactive Sales Portal , sales resources can leverage demonstrated product preferences and interaction histories to select the most appropriate sales tools and messaging to drive buying decisions - before they interact with the prospect. Sales representatives are prepared for initial customer contact as never before - and customers immediately feel understood - and valued.

Einsof Sales Readiness Tools are designed to accelerate sales productivity - making the job of sales easier than ever before.

Sales Readiness Tools

Value Gain
Persona Profiling

Sales now has the visibility to monitor the interest a lead has in your products and services. Knowing the ways in which a lead is interacting with the company means the sales rep can initiate sales activities at the right point in the lead's buying process. Enabling both sales and marketing to contribute to the profile information means the persona will be well developed. 

Activity Preparation

Sales can now utilize marketing resources in a contextual view that matches value propositions with supporting collateral, provides competitor insights and similar sales situations for best practices. Having this information at the end of a simple query means the salesperson's research time is efficiently reduced, giving them more time on the street. Noting which materials used in preparation for each meeting means the conversation is picked up without a blip.

As patterns of resource use become apparent, a consistent sales process is developed for specific situations. 

Integrate with CRM

Sales now enters information once and it updates to the lead record in the CRM. If a lead is passed to sales and the time-horizon is outside the "current" zone, sales can send the lead back to marketing for specific nurturing with the click of a mouse. They also maintain visibility of that lead so they know when the optimum time to resume sales activities occurs. Lead activities are automatically captured and routed to the CRM to keep both sales and marketing on the same page.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Sales can tell marketing which resources work, why or what messaging falls flat and why, through comments and ratings. By passing leads back, sales reps can indicate why they are doing so and assign a suitable campaign for nurturing. Sales can submit success stories about what techniques and messaging helped close the sale.

Marketing now has feedback and validation to make sure their messaging and collateral are effective and no leads are ever lost or abandoned.