Boost Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing is all about creating effective customer interactions. Great marketing results in personalized actionable customer knowledge that can be used to create highly-relevant buying experiences -driving purchase decisions.

Marketing's focus is on identifying and cultivating highly qualified prospects for future sales. And on creating and refining value propositions that sing - increasing close ratios and reducing time-to-sale. To measure and tune program and messaging effectiveness, marketing also demands real-time information.

Einsof delivers a comprehensive online marketing system, including an integrated web platform, automated demand generation tools, interactive feedback systems and CRM integration. Real-time metrics enable measurement and continuous tuning of campaigns and messaging - further increasing marketing effectiveness. 

Einsof CRM for Marketing System

The marketplace is ever changing. Today's customers are empowered with more knowledge than ever before. Engaging them in conversations that build relationships and trust will give organizations the best opportunity to build a successful future.

Reinventing Marketing isn't a question any more. Let's face it, doing what you've always done no longer delivers the customer relationships and powerful sales messaging that drive success. Today's buyers demand a new approach to marketing. Marketing must take charge of the customer experience, understanding targeted customer profiles and needs and nurturing these relationships through highly relevant customer interactions - driven by the customer's own unique information. They must understand what drives customers to buy - and the process to get them to that buying decision. They must deliver sales tools and evidence that support these processes - and that show quanitfiable results.

Beyond outward-facing communications, marketing needs the tools to collaborate successfully with sales and other internal constituencies. Marketing must systematize successful processes, tune and evolve less than efficient practices and above all, share key messaging and evidence consistently across the organization, as well as with customers.

Einsof sales and marketing performance systems help make achieving these goals a reality. Our integrated systems take the next step in customer relationship management - delivering automated marketing interactions that make each and every customer feel that your company understands their unique needs - and is speaking directly to them.