Einsof Interactive Sales Portal

The sales process is most effective when salespeople spend the majority of their time out selling. However, with B2B sales growing in complexity and customer engagement increasing as a priority, the sales investment spent researching and performing administrative tasks is reaching astronomical proportions.

The Einsof Interactive Sales Portal optimizes sales efficiency by providing a complete, contexual view of available of sales information and tools that accelerates sales readiness . Sales resources are provided all the pertinent details related to a prospect's identified areas of interest. This powerful collaboration between market-derived customer expertise and out-bound sales efforts increases effectiveness and fuels the development of quality customer relationships.

The system collects a continuous history of interactions between prospects and the company's sales and marketing interactions. Evaluating this captured knowledge identifies customer buying patterns, while highlighting which resources/campaigns most effectively increase customer acquisition velocity.

The Einsof Interactive Sales Portal synchronizes sales and marketing intelligence, and resulting customer-facing strategies. Processes are streamlined and sales efforts highly focused. Sales resources are provided with highly targeted prospect or customer knowledge prior to customer contact - selected specifically to drive effective buying interactions. CRM integration closes the loop, ensuring that actionable knowledge is available across departments.

Sales Portal Tools

Value Gain
Comments &  Ratings

Invite salespeople to provide customer and market insights that help fine-tune messaging and collateral. Allow them to rate the effectiveness of the materials with leads and customers so marketing can gauge outside reception.

Reassign Leads to Nurturing Never lose another lead. Inevitably it will happen that a lead thought ready to buy is still in the interest stage, but longer term. Instead of the salesperson losing touch because their focus is more immediate, provide the ability for them to reassign the lead to the nurturing process and pass it back to marketing to keep warm until the lead is ready for conversion.
Expert Forums

Your salespeople are experts. Provide a forum for them and for product engineers or specialists to ask questions, get answers and facilitate discussion about how to tackle those tough sales. Sharing insights about wins is also productive and motivating for salespeople who may encounter similar situations.

Streamline New Rep Training As the sales knowledge system is utilized and ongoingly collects data, the processes recorded will shorten ramp time for new sales reps. The contextual view of how marketing resources and messaging is used will help the new salesperson learn how to sell to your leads and prospects by quickly grasping how to deliver value that closes deals.