Power Sales Effectiveness

B2B complex sales are all about solutions value and rarely about component price. And we all know complex sales are information intensive and often lengthy, resulting in unpredictable sales cycles.

With Einsof, sales cycles are streamlined and revenue is more accurately forecast. Consistent, synchronized online marketing efforts deliver better qualified leads to sales. Sales leverages a repeatable, customer-proven sales process and evidence tools. Prospect-to-close ratios increase as quality prospects are brought into the sales funnel.

Einsof Interactive Sales Portal

The Einsof Interactive Sales Portal streamlines sales efficiency. But the portal is about more than automating sales cycles - it's about building customer relationships.

People buy from people they trust. They buy products and services that answer needs, but they also create relationships with companies who they trust to bring complementary products and expertise.

Buyers are looking for added value beyond an organization's offerings - they are looking for relationships. They want to feel that the information they provide, the historical interactions they have with a representative, their buying history are all used to provide unique product recommendations and customer service that meets their unique needs.

Einsof's integrated approach to customer information capture and management assures that every interaction deepens your relationship with the customer. Information they give to marketing enhances the initial sales interaction. Each sales or service interaction further fleshes out the customer profile - their needs, their dislikes, their preferences.

Customers feel valued, your sales representatives are viewed as experts on customer-specific needs - and revenues grow.